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In simple terms, let’s explain what CNC Plasma Cutting is: Plasma cutting uses electricity to convert air into plasma, the fourth matter (after solids, liquids, and gases) that is then blown through metal to make the cut.

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Plasma cutting is a high-speed, highly accurate way of cutting metal (aluminum, nickel alloys, copper, titanium, steel and stainless steel) that is typically a low cost operation, becoming increasingly popular within of industries that want to reduce outsourcing of metal profiles. It is an operation that saves time and money while generally taking up very little space.

Only needing a supply of compressed air and alternating current to operate, a CNC plasma cutting machine is an achievable and realistic workshop addition.

Plasma cutting has always been innovative but was propelled into a different league with the introduction of CNC (computer numerical control) technology in the late 1980s.

The addition of CNC to plasma cutting gives machines greater flexibility to cut a wide range of shapes. A detailed set of instructions entered into the machines’ numerical control means that the days of manual cutting guidance are over. The CNC plasma cutting software directs and controls the plasma cutting torch and does so with the highest levels of speed and accuracy.

The process

The advantages of Numerical Cutting Plasma?

  • It is precise – with the numerical control function of the computer, CNC plasma cutting is the most accurate and precise form of plasma cutting available.
  • It’s faster: by scheduling your cut from start to finish, there has never been a faster way to cut with precision.
  • It is a customizable-Set CNC to cut a variety of different metals to a variety of different thicknesses.
  • It’s safer: no flame or flammable gases, it’s the safest way to cut metal.

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