Depósitos Villarrobledo

Depósitos Villarrobledo S.L. is a company specialized in various sectors such as the manufacture of pressure vessels, manufacture of bottoms for tanks, laser cutting, road signage, bending and numerical cutting plasma.

Manufacture of pressure vessels

Pressure vessels are watertight vessels designed to contain gases or liquids at pressure levels…

Manufacture of funds for deposits

We manufacture bottoms of tanks and cisterns of the Korbbogen, Klopper, low pressure, flat bottom models…

Manufacture of road signs

The company is specialized in the manufacture and modeling of all types of vertical signaling traffic signs…

Fiber laser cutting

In the fiber laser, the amplifying medium of the light beam is an optical fiber doped with rare earths such as erbium…

Numerical plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is a high speed, highly accurate way of cutting metal (aluminium, nickel alloys…)

Numerical control folding

CNC folding is a technique that allows us to fold metal sheets, being able to perform repetition of work…

Pressure vessel manufacturers

Design, manufacture and installation of pressure vessels with extensive experience.

Sign fabrication

We manufacture and model all types of vertical signage traffic signs.

High definition cutting

Our company is specialized in high definition plasma and oxyfuel cutting.

Numerical control folding

It allows us to bend metal sheets with great precision and reducing errors.

Numerical cutting plasma

We use electricity to convert air into plasma, then blown through metal to make the cut.

Profiles and supports

We manufacture all kinds of profiles and supports for mounting signs, solar panels, etc.


In the heart of La Mancha

We are in the industrial area of Villarrobledo, in the heart of Castilla-La Mancha.


International relations and work

We are proud of our clients and suppliers, both national and international.


Commitment to quality and professionalism

We care a lot about the quality of our work and about improving our equipment every day.

For us there are no limits

Equipped with the most modern manufacturing and development technologies in an environment of more than 6000 square meters, the company offers its products and services nationally and internationally.

To offer the best services, the company has wide spectrum machinery and technology:


  • Numerical plasma cutting equipment Work table 14500 x 3500
  • 4000 x 2000 fiber laser cut
  • Vertical cutting shears of 3 meters of 20 millimeters
  • Cutting shears of 2.5 meters of 8 millimeters
  • 4 meter (260 tons) numerical control press brake
  • 3 meter (200 tons) numerical control press brake
  • 2 meter (80 tons) numerical control press brake
  • 150 ton punching machine
  • Die-cutting line to make pieces in series
  • Circular shear to manufacture traffic signs
  • Forming machine for the manufacture of traffic signs
  • Laser welding machine (1500 watts)
  • 5 meter press with manipulator (300 tons)
  • 3 meter press (200 tons)
  • Beading machine to manufacture bottoms from 1000 diameter to 6000 diameter
  • Beading machine to manufacture bottoms from 400 in diameter to 3000 in diameter
  • 5 meter welding bench
  • Hydraulic cylinders 3000 long with four rollers up to 20mm
  • 5 meter bottom polisher
  • Automatic submerged arc welding column (Brand: lincolN-1000A)
  • 10 Ton Self-Centering Tack Set
  • 16 Ton Self Centering Tack Set

Do you have any doubt?

We have more than 10 years of experience

Experience and professionalism at the service of our clients since 2004 carrying out work of the highest level in metal.

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