Numerical control folding

At Depósitos Villarrobledo we carry out a process that offers the most efficient and fastest solution to obtain the most suitable folding according to the client’s needs with a 4 meter and 260 ton folding machine.

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CNC bending is a technique that allows us to bend metal sheets, being able to carry out repetition of work with precision and with the reduction of possible errors. Since our technologies allow us to visualize, before the elaboration of the product, the final result thanks to the use of 3D CAD.

With this preview and forecast of what the final result will be like, we manage to reduce costs and advance the production procedure, since it is not necessary to carry out a testing phase. Therefore, we manage to reduce the necessary investment in the manufacture of the piece, offering a final product that meets all the guarantees and requirements.

Carrying out the CNC bending implies exerting pressure on the flat metal plate, a fact that results in the different angles at which we can make the bending.

Keep in mind that depending on the angle required for folding, it is necessary to exert more or less pressure. And it is based on this, that the sheet may or may not suffer wear, as well as stresses that act on the inner and outer face of the folded sheet. The pressure exerted will permanently deform the outer part of the sheet, while the inner part will return to its initial shape.

The process

Through CNC bending we can offer different results depending on the needs of each client, therefore, we can perform:

  • Deep fold: This is a very common procedure but the elastic return of the material must be taken into account. For this reason there are different tools with similar angles.
  • Partial folding: This name is related to the fact that the sheet is in contact with three points during the bending process. Although it is necessary to know exactly the thickness of the sheet to be bent to take into account the force that the upper board can withstand.

We put our technology and knowledge at the service of our clients with a 4-meter, 260-ton press brake to always offer optimal final results, based on excellence and experience.

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