We are committed to progress and innovate and that is why we manufacture and develop products in different materials such as galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum to meet all the needs of our customers.

Pressure vessels

We manufacture, design and install all types of pressure vessels for installations of all sizes.

Funds for tanks and cisterns

We manufacture tank and tank bottoms (flat, campsa, klopper, korbbögen, elliptical and conical).

Perforated Sheets

We are specialists in the manufacture of high quality perforated grip and non-slip sheets.

Numerical control folding

At Depósitos Villarrobledo we carry out a process that offers the most efficient and rapid solution to obtain the most suitable folding according to the client’s needs.

Fiber laser (4000×2000 table)

The fiber laser has already become an essential in the cutting sector. It is a type of solid state laser used by pioneering machining companies to cut metal with high precision, speed, respect for the environment and energy savings.

Road signs

We are specialized in the manufacture and modeling of any traffic sign in road marking.

Numerical control plasma

In simple terms, let’s explain what CNC Plasma Cutting is: Plasma cutting uses electricity to convert air into plasma, the fourth matter (after solids, liquids, and gases) that is then blown through metal to make the cut.

AISI-304 / 316 clamps

Manufacture of AISI-304 clamps in stainless steel EN 1.4307 / 304 for food use, in different sizes and configurations:

  • Polished NW – 10 AISI-304
  • Polished NW – 20 AISI-304
  • Polished NW – 25 AISI-304
  • Polished NW – 32 AISI-304
  • Polished NW – 40 AISI-304
  • Polished NW – 50 AISI-304
  • Polished NW – 60 AISI-304
  • Polished NW – 65 AISI-304
  • Polished NW – 80 AISI-304
  • Polished NW – 100 AISI-304
  • Polished NW – 125 AISI-304
  • Polished NW – 150 AISI-304

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